Korea outfaced very brave the United States

First big surprise was about to happen at the World Championship. Young from Korea calmed down after yesterdays loss with Norway and played absolutely equal match with favourized Americans. American victory 2:1 was decided just two minutes before the end of match Tylor Lipsett.

      |   10.5.2009, Jan Chlubna, Michal Berg
2. B, Sunday 10.5.2009
USA - Korea  2:1  (0:0, 1:1, 1:0)
Goals and assists: 26. Page (Yohe), 43. Lipsett (Chace) - 27. B. S. Cho (Y. J. Cho). Referee: Helge - Richardson, Wesley. Penalties: 1:5. Visitors: 326. Shoots on goal: 15:13.
USA: Cash - Manns, Hallman, Connelly, Hannah, St. Germanie - Yohe, Chace, Shaw - Page, Emmerson, Jones - Lipsett, Pauls
Korea: Hyuk Jun Choi - Yong Min Lee, Young Jae Cho, Jong Kyung Lee, Woo Chul Park - Byeong Seok Cho, Seung Hwan Jung, Jong Ho Jang, Sang Hyun Park, Min Su Han, Hae Man Lee, Jae Hwa Hong, Dae Jung Kim, Seong Keun Se
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Beginning of the match belonged to the favourized Americans but closer to the first goal were in the seventh minute Koreans. First of all J. K. Lee passed to Jang who missed but immediately he shot again but it was caught by goalkeeper Cash. In the 11th minute Jones escaped away and shot but the goalie H. J. Choi performed very well. Asian team was showing very interesting game.

Second period started with two minutes pressure from the Korea but without success. Americans were little shocked and in hesitating they offered a chance to H. M. Lee. Nice try was B. S. Cho pass to Jang from behind the cage. Presently attacked the Korean cage Emerson but their coverage of the space was brilliant.

Fascinating sledge hockey full of chances continued. At the time 25:00 prospered from the power-play Adam Page and scored. Korean answer came immediately. Beyong Seok Cho caought pass from Y. J. Cho and scored into empty cage. This very nice period was closed with the almost clear goal of Yohe but Choi caught it.

In the 34th minute it was quite hard moment for the Koreans because Park unwillingly deflected puck to the pole of his own cage. Applause from the numerous Korean spectators deserved goalie Choi in action against St. Germanie. Third period was absolutely equal without any bigger chances. Before ending it was little pressure from the Korea but three minutes before the end Tylor Lipsett´s shot from the left circle decided about the USA victory and road to Vancouver 2010. Keenly playing Korea tried power-play but close results have not changed.

Game quotes

Head coach of team Korea Young Kook Lee, wanted to thank his players for the performance they did in the game against USA. "It was a really good game for us and I am said that we missed that good play in the last two minutes," said Young Kook Lee.

Koreans were supported again by the noisy group of fans and it also helped them to keep steps with team USA. "We are very proud to represent Korea at the championships and we would like to thank them for their support."

Korea is now pointless in the standings of group B and in order to qualify for Paralympic games next year in Vancouver, they need to beat Italy in the remaining game to maintain chance for qualification. "We have defeated them last year on championships and I am sure our players will do their best to win again," added korean head coach.

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