Norway performed well in their second match at the World championship

Norway won its first match against Korea yesterday and today next competitor which was supposed to be quite easily overplayed was waiting for them - Italy. Norwegians began the match well and became leaders. Italy equaled because of low discipline of rival but Norway replied by a quick goal and afterwards they had the entire match under control. Italians had some very good moments but Norway was in charge whole match and defeated Italy 6:2.

      |   10.5.2009, Adam Bagar
2. B, Sunday 10.5.2009
Norway - Italy  6:2  (2:1, 1:0, 3:1)
Goals and assists: 5. Vernes (Björnstad), 13. Björnstad (Svee), 18. Svee (Björnstad, L. R. Johansen), 38. Pedersen, 41. Rovelstad (Pedersen, Svee), 45. Pedersen - 12. Chiarotti (Planker, Leperdi), 31. Chiarotti (Rosa, Planker). Referee: Husička - Marcotte, Cik. Penalties: 4:4. Visitors: 111. Shoots on goal: 22:8.
Norway: Deng - Rovelstad, Hagen, Svee, Austvoll, Larsen, Vernes - Pedersen, Björnstad, Royne, Nordstoga, L. R. Johansen, Bakke.
Italy: Kanestrin (Stillitano) - Balosseti, Cavaliere, Condello, Magistrelli, Rosa - Corvino, Leperdi, Winkler, Planker, Chiarotti, Colaone.
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At the time 4:51 Norway became the leader when goalie Kanestrin let the puck from Wernes Morten into cage. But Norwegians started to foul and at the time 11:31 Italian in power-play equaled the score. Italy performed great combination with finish from Andrea Chiarotti but the standoff did not take a long time. At the time 12:09 Helge Bjornstad sent a nice shot from the blue line directly into upper part of cage.

In the second period game was oriented just at one cage. At the time 17:36 Norway scored again – Stig Tore Svee shot from behind the circles and with deflecting help of one of defenders overcame goalkeeper Stillitano. Norway was controlling the match and theirs next try to score stopped Italian goalie at the goal-line. Then even Svee did not use his fast attack and Norway led over Italy 3:1.

Score changed again at the time 30:41. Andrea Chiarotti got a great pass between circles and scored, what changed score for just one point difference. At the time 37:33 Rolf Einar Pedersen escaped from the Italian defense and scored without any problems. Time 40:49 brought another goal to the Italian cage, this time scored during the power-play Tommy Rovelstad. Norwegians then added one more goal at the very ending, at the time 44:17 when Rolf Einar Pedersen shot nice goal under the cross-bar.

Game quotes

Norwegian forward Rolf Einar Pedersen, who scored twice in the game, was satisfed with the game. "It was quite OK, we have some problems during the defence play, but we had a good game yesterday, which we won, so we were quite confident that we could win today as well," said after the game.

Norway was outplaying their opponent, but score was tight after Italy scores their second goal. "You know, when opponent scores a goal and have some chances, they get energy in the team, it helps them psychologically. We also have some moments, where we have been a bit tired, because we have long shifts, but we were confident that we shoud take the game even in that situation," add Pederson, who is now leading scorer of the championships with 2 goals and 4 assists in two games.

Pedersen, 39, who was also world sledge cros country skiing champion in 1990, scores two goals in the last period. First of them when alone skated on italian goalie and tricked him with nice deke. Two of his team-mates appeared next to him with no opponent at them. "They had all players in the offensive zone, trying to score. They lost the puck and it was dangerous for them. I was sure what to do at that moment," said Pedersen.

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