Korea overplayed Italy in very close match

Both Korea and Italy were sure before the match about not playing in semi-final. Despite that they fought for third place in the group in order to play match for 5th – 8th place with fourth from the second group. Korea came quite quickly in a lead which then lost while they were short-handed. At the end of ninth minute Korea scored again and almost no one thought this could be the winning goal. Later there were many more scoring opportunities but we did not see any more goals so Korea defeated Italy closely 2:1.

      |   12.5.2009, Adam Bagar, Jan Chlubna
3. B, Tuesday 12.5.2009
Italy - Korea  1:2  (1:2, 0:0, 0:0)
Goals and assists: 4. Planker (Winkler) - 1. S. H. Jung (B. S. Cho, Y. J. Cho), 9. Y. J. Cho (Y. M. Lee). Referee: Westby - Bokal, Cik. Penalties: 6:6. Visitors: 514. Shoots on goal: 18:14
Italy: Stillitano - Balosseti, Cavaliere, Condello, Magistrelli, Rosa - Corvino, Leperdi, Winkler, Planker, Chiarotti, Coalona.
Korea: Hyuk Jun Choi - Yong Min Lee, Young Jae Cho, Jong Kyung Lee, Woo Chul Park - Byeong Seok Cho, Seung Hwan Jung, Jong Ho Jang, Sang Hyun Park, Min Su Han, Hae Man Lee, Jae Hwa Hong, Dae Jung Kim, Seong Keun Se.
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Korea entered the match very actively and in time 0:57 they scored for the first time. Great speed showed S. H. Jung who came in front of Stillitano and shot to the upper part of the cage. At the time 3:41 Korean team was short handed and Italien utilized it to score – Florian Parker escaped to defenders and scored into already empty cage. Game was equal for a while but at the time 8:55 in a power play Korea came to lead. Y. J. Cho got an ideal pass in front of the cage and Stillitano could not do anything with it. None of the teams scored and they went to the locker rooms at the score 2:1 for Korea.

Second period brought again many opportunities and quite nice sledge hockey. Korea was more active but Italy threatened with various actions. One of this came in 21st minute. Winkler went alone to Cho and despite he was able to overcome him, he was not able to score into absolutely empty cage. Korea played nice game for spectators but Italy defended very well and many shots nicely blocked.

Third period started with lead of Korea. They also controlled the game but they had problems with finishing and also great performance of the goalkeeper Stillitano. Park in a big opportunity hit only the glove of Italian goalie. It was not still decided, Korea was better team but only one shooting opportunity of Italy could change it. This almost happened two minutes before the end of the match but Planker did not overcome Cho so Korea won 2:1 and have the third place in the preliminary group.

Game quotes

„We lost the first and the second game but we are really happy because we won this game,“ said South Korean forvard Seung Hwan Jung. The game was very interesting, every of three goals in that game was scored in the first period and Jung, the youngest man of South Korean team, scored at 0:57. „I liked that game but I want another goal again,“ smiles Korean player and continues, „next game I want to play with Germany because we already played with Czech republic. I don’t know who is better opponent, I want some change.“

Italian forvard Florian Planker made the only one goal for his team, shorthanded. But Italy lost 1:2… „In the last period a tried to score, it was very diffulct. And anotherwise I’m happy that we aren’t going to the overtime because we have another game tomorrow, which is more important, today we must save some power for tomorrow. Today it was a nice game and maybe next time we will have more luck.“ And what does he say about Wednesday’s match? „For us is undifferent if we play with Czech republic or Germany, Czechs have very good goalie, Germans more technical and faster players. But… we have to win against anybody!“

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