Czech team was not able to score even in the third match

Czech sledge hockey players played against Germany the match for third place in a preliminary group. Match was quite equal whole time. There were not many scoring opportunities and there were not any goals as in match against Japan. It was decided in overtime when Germany finally scored. Czech Republic lost in fight with Germany 0:1 in overtime and Czech team will compete against Korea in play out for 5th – 8th place matches on Wednesday.

      |   12.5.2009, Adam Bagar, Jan Chlubna
3. A, Tuesday 12.5.2009
Germany - Czech republic  1:0p  (0:0, 0:0, 0:0 - 1:0)
Goals and assists: 47. Segreff. Referee: Morrison - Richardson, Beelon. Penalties: 5:3. Visitors: 902. Shoots on goal: 10:14.
Germany: Rabe - Pabst, Koch, Lahrs, Wedde - Rennhack, Stumpe, Muler, Bleidorn, Segreff, Disveld, Theiling, Pilz.
Czech republic: Vápenka - Hrbek, Kvoch, Kubeš, Hábl - Geier, Fojtík (A), Berger (C) - Krupička, Šafránek, Palát.
» Game sheet (PDF)
» Game report (PDF)


Czech Republic against Germany match was very careful from the beginning. Czech Republic had greater chances around eighth minute when the shot from Kubeš was deflected by Segreff just in front the cage and Geir afterwards did not utilize free space around right pole of the cage. In the second part of the first period performed Michal Vápenka many difficult actions, especially the shot from Rennhack could be a goal. Germany seemed to be more active but they were not able to create scoring opportunities. After the first period there was still no goal.

Second period did not bring too many changes. There was very good defense at both sides and it was lack of real opportunities. The biggest chance from Germany had Segreff but even in two consecutive opportunities was not able to shoot through Vápenka. When both teams came to offensive zone they failed because of over combining their actions. Even second period did not bring any goal so they left an ice rink at the score 0:0.

Just at the beginning of the third period Geier prepared tricky moment for the German goalie and this was not only one from the skilful Czech forward. First he overshot from the left circle and then he wasn´t able to score two more times. Vápenka had to perform well too especially because of very well playing Segreff. Both teams defended really perfect and after finishing this tie game came overtime.

In overtime the best German player Udo Segreff escaped and scored with gorgeous goal under the cross-bar. Czech Republic wasn´t able to score anymore so was defeated by Germany 0:1.

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