Norway defended first play in the preliminary group when they defeated USA

Sledge hockey players from Norway and USA fought for the first place in the preliminary group in order to avoid facing-off Canada which plays in the evening with Japan. At the beginning of the match players from Norway were better – they led two with two goals in the fifth minute. We saw beautiful match with fast and offensive hockey. Americans were able to score in the half of the third period. There were some more scoring opportunities but there were not any more goals. Norway won closely 2:1.

      |   12.5.2009, Adam Bagar, Jan Chlubna
3. B, Tuesday 12.5.2009
Norway - USA  2:1  (2:0, 0:0, 0:1)
Goals and assists: 4. Svee (L. R. Johansen), 5. L. R. Johansen (Pedersen) - 36. Chace (St. Germanie). Referee: Boese - Toode, Wesley. Penalties: 2:3. Visitors: 223. Shoots on goal: 15:14
Norway: R. Johansen - Rovelstad, Hagen, Svee, Austvoll, Larsen, Vernes - Pedersen, Björnstad, Royne, Nordstoga, L. R. Johansen, Bakke.
USA: Cash - Connely, Hannah, Manns, St. Germanie, Hallman - Emmerson, Jones, Lipsett, Page, Shaw, Yohe, Chace, Pauls.
» Game sheet (PDF)
» Game report (PDF)
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