Norway fulfilled the role of the favorite in a close game and advanced to the finals

Sledge hockey players from Norway had to work unexpectedly hard to qualify to the final match. In semi-final they closely defeated Japan 2:1. In first two periods we saw no goals. In the last period Norway then scored twice thanks to Pedersen. Japan lowered the score with one goal from Daisuke but that was all for them. Norway will play the final match on Saturday´s evening with the US, Japan will fight for bronze medal with Canada.

      |   14.5.2009, Ondřej Kubát
SF2, Thursday 14.5.2009
Norway - Japan  2:1  (0:0, 0:0, 2:1)
Goals and assists: 33. Pedersen (Svee), 36. Pedersen - 40. Daisuke. Refereee: Morrison - Bokal, Toode. Penalties: 4:5. Spectators: 273. Shoots on goal: 14:16.
Norway: R. Johansen - Rovelstad, Hagen, Austvoll, Vernes, Nordstoga - Pedersen, Björnstad, Royne, L. R. Johansen, Bakke, Svee.
Japan: Nagase - Misawa, Ishida, Endo, Sudo - Daisuke, Takahashi, Yoshikawa - Ito, Annaka, Nakamura - Majima, Yaguchi.
» Game sheet (PDF)
» Game report (PDF)


Second semi-final of the world championship offered interesting confrontation of Asian and European sledge hockey. Japan entered the game much more active. At the end of sixth minute Endo had the biggest scoring opportunity when he went absolutely alone to Roger Johansen but the Norwegian players caught him up and took him puck away.

Tactical battle continued then after break. Japan was slightly better team but they had minimum of opportunities. Their competitor had not even the one scoring opportunity. Both teams knew very well an importance of the match a played according to this.

In 33rd minute favorized Norway finally scored. Svee sent puck to the circle to Rolf Einar Pedersen who scored to the upper part of cage – 1:0. Only three minutes later he scored again. Rolf Einar Pedersen speeded up in the middle area, came behind blue line and scored – 2:0.

Japan did not give it up and few minutes before the end they made a game little dramatic. Uehara Daisuke escaped from the Norwegian defense and scored by outwitting of Johansen. Japan tried at the end to play with six skaters but had no more chances to score. Participation in the final was devolved to the Norway.

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