Korea was more successful during the dramatic fight for the seventh place

Korea and Germany fought together in the match for the seventh place of the World championship. It was very equal and interesting show with seven goals in total. In the first period Korea came to the two points lead but Germany tied it in the next period. In the further game both teams scored again so overtime had to come. In overtime it was incredible show again. About seventh place at the World championship finally decided the goal from Han to the German cage.

      |   16.5.2009, Adam Bagar
7 mis. , Friday 15.5.2009
Korea - Germany  4:3p  (2:0, 1:2, 0:1 - 1:0)
Goals and assists: 11. Jung S. H., 14. Cho B. S. (Lee Y. M.), 29. Lee Y. M. (Jung S. H.), 51. Han M. S. (Lee Y. M.) - 21. Segreff, 26. Stumpe (Segreff), 33. Wedde (Segreff, Bleidorn). Referees: Husička - Wesley, Cik. Penalties: 6:6. Spectators: 123. Shoots on goal: 13:21.
Korea: Jung Young Hoo (Choi Hyuk Jun) - Han Min Su, Lee Min Yong, Lee Jong Kyung, Cho Young Jae, Hong Jae Hwa, Kim Dae Jung, Jung Seung Hwan, Park Woo Chul, Cho Byeong Seok, Lee Hae Man, Park Sang Hyun, Jang Jong Ho.
Germany: Uhlemann (od 15. Rabe) - Wedde, Segreff, Stumpe, Bleidorn, Pabst, Disveld, Koch, Lahrs, Theiling, Müller.
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In first minutes of the match for the seventh place Germany was more active. Especially couple of Segreff´s opportunities was about to score but German player was not able to change them. At the time 10:44 Seung Hwan Jung performed beautiful action. First he hit the cross-bar of Uhlemann´s cage but for the second time he scored. At the time 13:50 Korea increased its lead while utilized nice power-play. Yong Min Lee sent puck just after face-off to Beyong Seok Cha who just shifted it under Jung to the cage. After first period Korea led over Germany 2:0.

At the time 20:45 Germany was able to lower to just one goal difference. Udo Segreff presented good looking individual action when he got out from his own defensive area just in front of Jung who was helpless against his shot. At the time 25:37 the game was tied thanks to Segreff who passed really excellently to Sven Stumpe who then scored into empty cage. At the time 28:24 Korea get to lead again with beautiful power-play team-work – Seung Hwan Jung sent puck to the second pole to Yong Min Lee who had no problem to score into empty German cage. In the last seconds of the period Korea had bad luck. Min Su Han first hit the pole, puck took Woo Chul Park who also hit the pole and afterwards Korea scored but it was after the sounder so the goal was invalid.

At the time 32:04 it was tied again. Udo Segreff intercepted bad Korean pass and passed puck to Jung and scored. Match for the final seventh place of the championship was very tied and dramatic. At the end of third period Korea fouled too much what resulted into three punishments in quite short time and also there were one power-play “five to three” for Germans. This Korea with good luck defended and overtime had to come.

Han could decide about the winner, but was fouled while escaping. In coming power-play Han or Cho could make the Korean spectators happy but they were not able to score fourth goal of the match. Match was changing into incredible show. At one side Wedde didn´t utilize his escape, at the other side Korea had reason to exult. At the time 50:56 captain Min Su Han escaped away from the German defense and scored to the almost empty cage.

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