Fifth place for Czech team was decided in shootout

In the match for fifth place Czech national team presented themselves against Italy. The match was from the beginning in friendly mood. Both teams had not many scoring opportunities and the game was more like average. Czech team was better but for the third time in the tournament they finished match without any goal. Not even overtime decided about winner, so shootout came. Only one who succeed was captain of the Czech team Jiří Berger. Czech Republic won over Italy 1:0 after shootout and can celebrate fifth place at the World championship.

      |   16.5.2009, Adam Bagar
5 mis., Friday 15.5.2009
Czech republic - Italy  1:0sn  (0:0, 0:0, 0:0 - 0:0 - 1:0)
Goals and assists: game winning shot Berger. Referee: Westby - Roethlisberger, Beelen. Penalties: 2:3. Visitors: 1136. Shoots on goal: 15:15.
Czech republic: Vápenka (od 25. do 45. Matoušek) - Kvoch, Kubeš, Hrbek, Klíma - Geier, Šafránek, Hábl - Palát, Fojtík (C), Berger - Raul.
Italy: Stillitano - Balosseti, Cavaliere (A), Condello, Magistrelli, Corvino - Rosa, Leperdi, Chiarotti (C) - Planker (A), Colaona, Winkler.
» Game sheet (PDF)
» Game report (PDF)


Czech team was more active at the beginning of the first period. At fourth minute Berger shot from the space between circles but he just hit the pole. Fojtík had next scoring opportunity when he caught pass at the blue line and shot to Stillitano who performed very good action. Italy was trying to score but they did not create many opportunities to do this. Czech team was more dangerous but goal, for which the very well filled hall in Poruba was waiting, did not come.

Second period was very similar as the first one. Spectators could see rather average sledge hockey, there was very little of scoring opportunities and Czech team look more active. At the 18th minute Fojtík came between circles but shot close beyond Stillitano´s cage. Czech team had more opportunities in following power-plays but Berger was not able to overcome the Italian goalkeeper. Italian he had good opportunity to score when Rosa tried to go throw Matoušek. Even Kvoch didn´t score so after thirty minutes of game the score was still without any goal.

Just at the beginning of the third period Zelenka´s team performed wonderful combination with Šafránek at the end. However he was not able to get puck behind lying Stillitano. At the other side Matoušek had to perform nice actions too whom didn´t overcome even Planker or Rosa. Czech team had very good power-plays in this period and they created some pretty good opportunities which Italian defense together with confident Stillitano and good luck had survived without a goal. Berger shot greatly in 42nd minute from the blue line and whole Czech team as well as spectators were excited from the goal but referee Westby stretched arms sideways. Finally he went to check it with video-record a goal wasn´t valid. Score after forty-five minutes was tied, overtime came again.

In overtime the effort of both teams was futile so shootout followed. In shootout both players of the first set were unsuccessful. In the second set Jiří Berger excellently scored under the cross-bar and Italian didn´t score. Hábl could decide but he didn´t score so everything was up to Rosa whose shot Vápenka caught. So the Czech team could celebrate the victory 1:0 after shootout and they can also celebrate the gorgeous success – fifth place at the world championship.

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