American sledge hockey players are gold! They decided it eleven seconds before the end of match!

Not even William Shakespeare could think out such drama. Norway played the closed game with USA for forty five minutes. It was sledge hockey which could bear the strictest rules. But the ending! When everything looked like the need for overtime, Andy Yohe scored after won face-off and he ensured the gold medal for the United States. It was only 11 seconds and 4 hundredths to the end of the match. The world champions in sledge hockey in the year 2009 are the United States of America!

      |   16.5.2009, Ondřej Kubát
Fin, Saturday 16.5.2009
USA - Norway  1:0  (0:0, 0:0, 1:0)
Goals and assists: 45. Yohe (Chace). Referee: Boese – Toode, Heltman. Penalties: 1:3. Spectators: 2097. Shoots on goal: 15:11.
USA: Cash - St. Germanie, Connelly, Manns, Hallman, Hannah - Shaw, Chace, Yohe (C) - Page, Emmerson, Jones - Lipsett, Pauls.
Norway: Johansen R. - Rovelstad, Hagen, Vernes, Svee - Pedersen, Björnstad, Johansen L. R. - Bakke, Nordstoga, Royne - Austvoll.
» Game sheet (PDF)
» Game report (PDF)


From the first minutes it was absolutely clear that two best teams of the world championship were playing. Both teams played responsibly from behind and game was based on great individual qualities of the players. The first period offered tied match full of one to one fights for the puck. In the eighth minute Norway had great scoring opportunity. Morten passed from the left side to the area in front of the cage to Nordstoga who shot. But American goalie Cash blocked the puck.

In the first period players of both teams we re missing more accurate targeting. And when puck had a good direction to the cage, there were always excellent goalkeepers. After fifteen minutes wasn´t still any goal to see.

Second period was similar as the first one. Both teams played very responsibly. More scoring opportunities had Norway and in the most cases they started at the Pedersen. In eighteenth minute he had the greatest opportunity to score. But he hit only the pole of Cash´s cage while shooting from the area between circles. Just closely before the second sounder Bjorndstad was looking for Pedersen to pass him and he missed the cage only by few centimeters.

Few seconds before the end of the period Adam Page was about to score but from very close distance he was not able to send puck to the cage of Johansen. “No goal drama” so continued in the third period.

In the half of the third period incredibly fast Bjornstad escaped from the American defense but finally, in front of goalie Cash, he was not successful. Time ran quickly and both teams headed to overtime. But then there was big unexpected action.

American team won face-off in offensive zone, Taylor Chace passed the puck to Andy Yohe who shot and decided about the title. Timing stopped here at 11 seconds and 4 hundredths to the end.

Norway then tried to play without a goalie but they had very little time and they did not come even to offensive zone. Ice sledge hockey World Champions 2009 is the team of USA.

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