Favourites from Norway did not accept any surprise, they managed well with Korea

Second match of the world championship had the clear favourite too. Second team from the last sledge hockey championship, Norway, faced off the novice of competition, Korea. This team came surprisingly to the leadership but experienced Northmen turned count quite quickly. Despite was Korea unpleasant and equal competitor. For the next goal was necessary to wait until the beginning of the third period when Norwegians definitively resolved the match result by scoring two goals in a short time. Korea supported with many fans can be proud for its performance; anyway, Norway won 4:1.

      |   9.5.2009, Adam Bagar
1. B, Saturday 9.5.2009
Norway - Korea  4:1  (2:1, 0:0, 2:0)
Goals and assists: 3. Royne (Pedersen), 8. Björnstad (Hagen, Pedersen), 33. Svee (Pedersen), 39. Björnstad - 1. Beyong Seok Cho (Seung Hwan Jung). Referees: Berkebile - Wesley, Maxim. Penalties: 3:7 Visitors: 374.
Norway: R. Johansen - Hagen, Rovelstad, Pedersen, Nordstoga, Björnstad, Svee, L. R. Johansen, Vidar, Wernes, Bakke, Trygve, Austvoll.
Korea: Choi Hyuk Jun - Lee Yong Min, Cho Young Jae, Lee Jong Kyung, Park Woo Chul - Cho Byeong Seok, Jung Seung Hwan, Jang, Jong Ho, Park Sang Hyun, Han Min Su, Lee Hae Man, Hong Jae Hwa, Kim Dae Jung, Sa Seong, Keun.
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At the very beginning of the match, at the time 0:52 Cho Byeong Seok surprised with a goal from the area behind face-off circle when he sent his shot and to general surprise goalkeeper Johansen let the puck to come behind his back. But Norwegian did not wait too long. At the time 2:55 they performed beautiful combination in power-play finished with the goal of Vidar Kjell Royne into the almost empty cage. In the first period Koreans had too many penalties. At the time 7:40 Norway scored with another power-play goal. Hagen shot from the left face-off circle and in front of the goalkeeper Choi deflected Helge Bjorndstad his shot to the upper part of cage. After high-quality first period Norway led 2:1.

In the second period we did not see any goals thanks to great catching goalkeeper. At one hand it was Choi who caught great Pederson´s and Hagen´s opportunity and at the other hand Young Cho prepared a great chance for his team and numerous Korean fans.

At the beginning of the third period (at the time 32:46) Norwegians added third goal. Tore Stig Svee put the puck into cage with deflecting help of one of defenders. At the time 38:21 Norwegians scored another goal with Helge Bjorndstad firing from the place between circles. In the last minutes of the match there were not so many chances to see anymore and Norway finally defeated Korea 4:1.

Norwegian forward Helge Bjornstad was satisfied with the game. "It was our first game on the tournament, we were a little bit nervous, but finally we managed it well. Also it was our first game against Korea for many many years, so we didnt know what to expect of them. We havent seen them play before tournament, so it is always a little bit nervous. And they played really well today."

Norway capitalized three powerplays in the game, but Bjornstad thinks they could be even better. "We scored three times on the power play, but I think it wasnt the way we practised them, We could improve them.

Koreans was supported by group of some 150 fans, mainly employers of local automotive plant and their families. "We had some message before, that they will have a support of fans, so it wasnt a surprise for us. It was good for the game."

Norway was a sliver medalist last year and they want do be at least in the same level on this tournament. "Our goal is to get into the finals again, now we can learn from the first game and get ready for the another one.

Helge Björnstad

Helge Björndstad

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