Japanese overpowered Germans in overtime

The Japanese team had surprisingly hard work in its first match. They led after the first period with two goals but Germans did not give up and in the second period they equal the score. Winner was decided in overtime with slow but tricky shot of Satora Suda from the circle minute and half before the end of overtime. Japanese added two points in theirs statistics, and Germany one point.

      |   9.5.2009, Ondřej Kubát
1. A, Saturday 9.5.2009
Japan - Germany  4:3p  (3:1, 0:2, 0:0 - 1:0)
Goals and assists: 1. Ishida (Takahashi), 3. Takahashi (Yoshikawa), 13. Sudo (Ishida), 49. Sudo (Uehara) - 10. Stumpe (Bleidorn), 16. Rennhack (Stumpe), 23. Segreff (Bleidorn). Referee: Moorison - Bokal, Richardson. Penalties: 7:5. Visitors: 513. Shoots on goal: 18:16.
Japan: Nagase - Ishida, Misawa, Sudo, Endo - Yoshikawa, Takahashi, Uehara (C) - Ito, Annaka, Nakamura - Yaguchi, Majima.
Germany: Rabe - Koch, Pabst, Lahrs, Wedde (C) - Rennhack, Stumpe, Muler - Bleidorn, Segreff, Disveld - Theilig, Pilz.
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At the end of first minute shot from the blue line the first goal Naohiko Ishida and Japan led. In the third minute score changed for the second time. Kazihuro Takahashi escaped from the German defense and tricked the goalie Rabe - 2:0.

Who thought winner is clear was wrong. Still in the first period Germans lower the lead of Japanese with a Sven Stumpe´s shot directly under the cross-bar. Unfortunately instead of equalizing the score, Japanese scored again. Three minutes before the end of the first period Satoru Sudo shot from the top of left circle and puck went under the goalkeeper Rabe´s skate.

At the beginning of the second period German lower down the score again, from the short distance scored Frank Rennhack. Audience was making a great background for this high quality sledge hockey. And Germany prepared brilliant goal for them - from blue line Udo Segreff shot to the Rab´s cage - 3:3.

Four minutes before the end Endo went towards the cage alone but he failed with ending up. No one else scored and game went in overtime. Japanese were lucky when in 49th minute Satoro Sudo shot from the left circle. Japanese so add two points to theirs statistics and Germans one point.

Game quotes

Experienced forward of team Germany Gerd Bleidorn, who had two goal assists in the game, was satisfied with the play of this team - with one exception. "I think our play was good, but in order to succeed, we needed a better goalie. Game wasnt good for him today. We got two quick goals at the beginning of the game and it influenced the game."

Game witnessed many penalties, Bleidorn himself was three times in the penalty box. "I was penalized three a lot, but I think it is problem for all palyers. Playing first game is difficult, when you dont know the level of officiating here. We played in Canada last time and if was something different."

German team was supported by numerous group of local schoolkids, who cheered for the team during the whole game. "It was great, we all liked it. It is uncommon to see such a number of fans at game, when home team does not play," added Bleidorn.

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